MEF_LOGO_engmailJune 5, 2014. Mongolia Business Summit – Bringing together business people, entrepreneurs and  investors to discuss how they can collectively take advantage of Mongolia’s next phase of  growth.
A big day for all business-minded people is approaching – the Mongolia Business Summit 2014 is a  hallmark event for those looking to invest in the country’s next phase of growth. This important event  brings together international investors from all over the world who are interested in developing, step by  step, with one of the world’s fastest growing economies.
CEOs of top-tier Mongolian and foreign companies will attend the Business Summit. Mr.Robert Friedland, a renowned name in the mining industry, will also be sharing his experiences.
Members from Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant, Railroad Construction, Egiin gol Hydro Power Plant, Tsagaan Suvarga Copper and Molybdenum project and many others, will share project presentations. Hence, attendees can get first-hand knowledge and expertise from some of Mongolia’s mega projects.
Sightseeing tours for a variety of sectors will also be available to attendees, including:
• Oyu Tolgoi mining site, one of the largest and highest-grade copper and gold mines in the world
• Gobi cashmere factory, one of the finest and rarest cashmere factories
• APU domestic beverage and food company
• MAK project, autoclaved aerated concrete plant.
Join us for the Mongolian Business Summit. Expand your business opportunities with global partnerships and enjoy your stay in the land of the eternal blue sky.
Grow with us.
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