???????????????????????????????Mongolia is at the fifth place by its natural and cultivated seabuckthorn resource in the world. For long time, berry and other raw materials of seabuckthorn were used for food, medicine, beauty, animal fodder, fertilizer and nature protection and it is a valuable plant. It contains plant oil, which has its peculiarity, in high amount in juice, caul and seed.  Furthermore it contains more than 10 types of vitamins like as C, A, K, E, B, P; amino acids and minerals.  Many products are produced from seabuckthorn juice and oil such as antioxidants, omega-3 and omega -7 and they are used for rehabilitating of cancer, vascular disease and alimentary system disease; for treating congelation and scorch; for producing medicine, which protects from X-ray and ultraviolet radiation, broadly.

Since 2010, Mongolian government gave an exclusive significance to this fruit and approved “Seabuckthorn program”. As a current situation, natural seabuckthorn field amount is approximately 13500 hectares; cultivated field amount is about 5000 hectares.

Therefore stakeholders of fruit and berry branch are interesting in investment and to collaborate in following fields. Therein:

  • To establish a specified big entity and expand existing cultivated fruit and berry field for increasing seabuckthorn cultivation.
  • To increase harvest by mechanization for alleviating the harvesting process
  • To introduce modern, high technology into seabuckthorn processing  and enhance the production capacity
  • To perfect the seabuckthorn processing technology (condensation of juice, dehydration, dry out fruit, segregate oil from seed)
  • To diverse products items in food, medicine, beauty, animal fodder and fertilizer
  • To create logistic net in cool chain of seabuckthorn (storing of fruit and products; transporting)
  • To increase export of seabuckthorn products’

We are starting to develop cluster system in whole seabuckthorn branch level, first time in Mongolia. Thus, additional information is available at the Mongolian National Association of Seabuckthorn Growers and Producers.


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