The Asia Foundation is supporting the Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center (EPCRC) to conduct the economic competitiveness survey for 2014. The research gathers data to make a comparative evaluation of the current competitiveness of 21 provinces in Mongolia and define their competitiveness holistically. The Foundation and the EPCRC are planning to develop a website to share the results of the research more broadly and present research findings in a more attractive and user friendly way enabling comparison with results of previous and future editions of the research. Therefore we are inviting IT consultant or firm to develop a website English and Mongolian for the economic competitiveness research report 2014. The website will need to be completed in the first quarter of 2015.

The Foundation is soliciting proposals for the development of the website from IT companies..

Interested individuals/firms shall submit a letter of interest to The Asia Foundation accompanied by:

* A proposal providing a general concept for the development of the website, an individual/organizational profile; and a record of past experience;

* A detailed budget;

* CV’s of qualified personnel;

* Supporting documentation of past experience;

The proposal should be submitted electronically to A detailed Terms of Reference for the assignment can be obtained from the Foundation through the above contract.

Deadline: December 29, 2014 by 5pm, Ulaanbaatar time.