The 2015 Mongolia Business Summit has begun this morning at the Ikh Tenger Complex in Ulaanbaatar.

Following a Welcoming Gala Reception at the recently opened Shangri La hotel and International Ballet Festival exhibition the previous evening, the Summit, with over 500 registered domestic and international attendees will now allow the opportunity to discuss in depth current and future business trends and opportunities in Mongolia.

In an opening address, President Tsahiagiin Elberdorj spoke on the current economic climate in Mongolia, highlighting the importance of further industry diversification and progress through unity in all sectors of the country.

The address was also noteworthy for the official signing of the Sharyn Gol coal mining operation in Northern Mongolia. The new operation represents another step forward in Mongolia’s trade evolution.

Throughout the event, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions on targeted growth industries of Mongolia – such as mining, infrastructure, energy and financial, as well as proposed key mega projects intended for Mongolia’s infrastructure development.

The Summit will end on Saturday with site tours by participants of the Gobi Cashmere Factory and APU company, the Sharyn Gol site and Erdenet commercial hub.