arigArig Bank of Mongolia has started using finger vein biometrics for customer authentication. The systems were supplied by biometric technology company M2SYS, working in concert with local partner Infinite Solution, and are now being used to authenticate almost 400,000 customers.

M2SYS implemented the biometric scanning via its M2-FuseID finger scanner, which was installed in conjunction with the company’s Bio-Plugin middleware solution, which allows for the rapid integration of multimodal biometrics systems into a broader management platform. M2-FuseID actually scans both the user’s fingerprint and finger vein with a single touch, allowing for powerful liveness detection and an FBI-compliant 500 DPI fingeprint image; while Bio-Plugin offers an easy-to-use, scalable integration platform compatible with web applications and Windows. M2SYS and Arig Bank started with a pilot database of 30,000, and has since expanded to 390,000.

The project has apparently been a great success for Arig Bank in helping the organization to improve security and efficiency in transactions as incident of identity theft have increased elsewhere in Mongolia. It’s also a major success for M2SYS.

Last spring, M2SYS was honored by the Technology Association of Georgia as one of the state’s most innovative companies.